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Bio/Neuro/Physiological -Psychology Neuropsychology Central The NeuroScience Center Website for NeuroScience Publisher's and Psychological Software Services, Inc. Library of Neuropsychological Information (LONI).
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Dynamic Patterns... Dynamic Patterns: The Self-organization of Brain and Behavior

University Sites and Programs American College of Neuropsychopharmacology Massachusetts General Hospital Department of Neurosurgery Medical College of Wisconsin Carnegie Mellon and The University of Pittsburgh Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
Indiana U. programs Training in Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neurobiology at Indiana University School of Medicine
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Brain & Neuro Center Martindale's Health Science Guide
The W.U.S.M. Neuroscience Tutorial An illustrated guide to the essential basics of clinical neuroscience created in conjunction with the first-year course for medical students.
Applications - Neurobiology Photomicrography by Dr. Gary L. Greenberg

Professional and Government Organizations Neurosciences on the internet. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Centers for Disease Control

American Physical Therapy Association Family Caregiver Alliance, a clearinghouse of fact sheets, online suppoa, legislative alerts, a newsletter and more. Depression Information Health Gate: Your Gateway to Health Information Healthtouch Integrated Network of Disability Information and Education, a directory of disability information on the intemet. Searchable. Nemours Foundation, Medical Experts Prevline (Prevention Online): The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information Children's Safety Network. Publication Building Bridges Between Traffic Public Health and National Violence Center. London-based trauma site with a mailing list. Traumaid Project American Heart Association National Institute of Health American Psychological Association AOTA - American Occupational Therapy Association Canadian Psychological Association

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Rehabilitation and Adaptive Equipment Center on Information Technology Accommodation. Online handbook "Managing Information Resources for Accessibility." Information about a one-handed programmable keyboard. (BAT) Northeastern Rehabilitation Hospital in Salem, NH Welcome to ReMed: Real-Life Rehabilitation


Society for Computers in Psychology  
The Brain BodyQuest. Good resources for teaching neuro to kids 11-16.
Medical Multimedia Systems Brainiac Neuroanatomy Atlas Software BrainTainment Center - IQ Tests and Memory Improvement - What is your IQ?
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Tramatic Brain Injury

The ABI/TBI Information Project The ABI/TBI Information Project: list server, online support groups, database searches
The Able Informer International resource newsletter for people with disabilities
Brain Trauma Foundation Brain Trauma Foundation
The Waiting Coma information and emotional support Devoted to the understanding of brain injury, and the neuropsychologist's role in identifying, proving and treating brain injury Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems. NIDRR Traumatic Brain Injury Model System of Rehabilitation Care. Assistive Technology Center Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute Brain Book: Life management site
Traumatic Brain Injury Project Sponsored by the Kansas Board of Education (educators, re-entry issues, and educational programming) Brain Injury Association, Inc. Brain Injury Association of Minnesota Brain Injury Law Group National Rehabilitation Information Center
Centre for Neuro Skills Centre for Neuro Skills TBI Resource Guide The Newfoundland Brain Injury Association Perspectives Network homepage, with FAQ's in multiple languages, a searchable support group database, and a chat site. University of Alabama at Birmingham: Traumatic Brain Injury Ohio Valley Center for Head Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation American College of Surgeons Web Site

Brain Pathology

Brain Tumors Mediconsult Health Network
Lesions of the Visual Pathway Interactive exercise illustrating lesions & etiologies
1998: Brain Tumor Center at MGH  
Brain Surgery Information Center  
Clinical Trials Brain Tumor: Clinical Trials And Noteworthy Treatments For Brain Tumors

Stroke (CVA) Neuropsychology Central Cardiovascular Interventions Online Global Cardiovascular Information Base
National Stroke Organization
Stroke Survivor List Stroke Clubs Intemational: Run by stroke survivors

Aphasia Aphasia Hope Foundation Medical Identification Cards (for people who have difficulty communicating) National Aphasia Association
NIH Aphasia web site National Institute of Health Parrot Software The Speech Ring: Fingerprints


Health Touch Aphasia web site Health Touch Interactive Therapeutics

Dysphagia Australia Dysphagia Conference Dysphagia Diet Dysphagia Resource Center New Visions

Voice Disorders

Wake Forest University: Voice Disorders

General Medical Information Resources Dr. Stephen Barrett QuackWatch Website Health Scout Physicians Choice Dr. C. Everett Koop

List Servers & Chat Rooms TSI Support Group. TBI Support group online. A 24 hour a day connection site with live discussion about brain injury issues.

Drugs and Pharmacology Drug Information & Interactions Gold Standard Multimedia Pharm Info Net Pharmacopeia - The nation's standard drug reference

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